Monday, 19 December 2011

!mE-a LosT studiouS bOy!

                               oncE upon a timE ,i used tO be studious..
oyee hellooo...m nt jokinG..unfortunateLy dis iz damm true..:))
hmm..i wz a typical studious child,who used to die 4 studying..wid loads of books..
a fattyy,cute,lovable child :))..having no knowledge f dis dangerous world..i stiLL remember at d age f just 8 yrs..i had completed d maths upto std. 7!!..hmm..dt tym i wz in std. 2..:))..i remember an instant.."in std 3 i got lotss of homewrk for d summer vacation..n i used to be buzy all d tym completing that works without wasting a sec..:P..mum got tensed by thinking that it may effect my mental health..n dts y!.she started hiding my books n notebooks..soo that i could remain free for sometime..:))..and i used to cry dt mum..plzzz return my books nd all...:P.......hehehe..:))
my new maTes wiLL never believe these truths..i knw..:))...
hmm..continuing d story!!..i remain d same upto std std. 10 i was d smaLLest by age,and height too...:P
i had to stand in front of the line in the school assembLy!!..that waz damm irritating frnds..i wish i could have some more inches of heights..:)..

hmmmm....whatever!! the end of 10th boardz..everthinG started chanGinG IN mE at rapid rate...chemically i'll say INSTANTANEOUS REACTION occoured in my life..
1st big change was my height..i had an amazing growth of  2 ft..:))
and by the time...slowly and steadily when that studious chiLd turned into a IDIOT..even i dnt know!!..
sTiLL m searchinG dt besT-onE of minE....
now i get d soul oF dt studiouS MOHAN before xams onLy!!..:))
nd i can feeL d heaT of HIM..
hope i wiLL catch you forever sometime!!..TiLL thn I m enJoyinG d new onE..!!..
mmmuuaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh**..<<<<<..LOVE YOU...>>>>>>

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