Friday, 30 March 2012

xx~cHiLd LabOuR~xx

''CHILD LABOUR'' a issue in iNdia.on which there are many people to talk about,to give lactures,speeches..excetra excetra..but reality is that it is increasing day after day instead of stopping. must be thinking!!''why i am talking about it today''..
actually i went in the morning to a shop(tea stall,fast foods,cigrates and general things) behind my flat.where i go almost daily!!..the shop is owned by a old man(50 approx) and his son(28) and there is child of justt 12-13 years as staff!!..that child name is madhav.he is such a cute child,i just can't explain!!..madhav does all the work  like making tea,serving tea,washing plates,cups and all..!!..what i saw today made be soo angry and depressed too..because i can't do anything for that small child by knowing the fact that its a crime.!!.today that shop owner was harrasing him,abusing him and even slapped!!..just because he was little late in making the tea for the customers.he was just shouting like hell.once for a moment i thought to just go and slap him hard..!!..but then i controlled myself and talked to madhav(that child) that dont worry CHHOTU, everything will be fine..and talked softly to him for some moments..then after he got a little smile on his face.!!..that was a million dollar smile..i bEt..:))
hmm..i just wanna know whats his mistake??...he belongs to a poor it his mistake??.....doesn't deserve a normal life??..doesn't he deserve the school??..there are lotss of question scrambling my mind..:((
and i am nt getting answer for any1 of these..
what the hell government is doin to stop child it the only duty of government to pass bill??...who will implement it??......who cares??.. soo called ministers are getting money!!!..what else they need..shitt peoples..:(

POLICE!!..they are justt great peoples man!!..there work is to punish the criminals!!..instead of that they go to shops,hotels,dhabas..nd says "chhotu chaii diyoo........chhotu cigrate diyoo........chhotu samaan pack kar ke car me daal de...excetra excetra.......
huhhhh...i justt fade up seeing all these..i want to do a lots of changes..just thinking the way through which i can do something to stop this bloody bullshit.."child labour practices"!!....
surely.....i will...............i will.............i will.................